The Farm

“Fattoria delle Ripalte” farm was built in 1896 by Count Tobler, a Swiss aristocrat who had fallen in love with Italy, so that he could realise his great passion: grow vines and produce outstanding wines.

The entire area ( 420 hectares), that is one of the largest farms on Elba (the famous Fattoria Tobler later to become the Fattoria delle Ripalte), was completely abandoned by later owners who used the land as a hunting preserve.

Its old fame remained and, in 2002, the owner decided to enhance the winegrowing potential of his land: twelve hectares of new vines now stand in the best positions of the estate. More than half the production comes from Aleatico grapes, the finest and most characteristic of Elba’s vines, produced in the vineyards at Poggio Turco. The result is a sweet and complex “passito” wine which is out of this world.

Wine Tasting:

Discover Fattoria delle Ripalte: visits to the vineyards and wine tasting in the winery.

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