The estate “Tenuta delle Ripalte” is the vastest property on Elba island; it lies in the southern part of the Island. having more than 12 km of coast line among beaches and coves. The estate represents two thirds of the Capoliveri county. Etruscan furnaces and impressive artistic manufactures testify the presence of civilisation in the area as early as the IX century B.C.

It is, however, in the first half of the XIX century that human acitivity is well documented: projects blossom for extraction of iron from underground deposits, which were know in the promontory from ancientness.

Around 1980, a nobleman, Mr Oscar Tobler, which used to sail the Mediteranean sea on his vessel ,was drawn to the wild beauty of this area of Swiss houshold, the Tobler family relocated to Livorno in 1772.

Mr Tobler –between Livorno and Pisa- was a succesfull entrepreneur in several sectors, but his true passion however, was agriculture, which he imagined combining economic / rational and humanistic / social carachteristics.

Between 1889 and 1906 Mr Tobler acquired at least 4 large estates.
The “Capo Calamita” estate (today’s “Tenuta delle Ripalte”) was the wildest. It was the most isolated as it was accessible only by trail or by sea.

The current access road was built only in 1925, by “ the Mines Company ”.

The estate was almost devoid of resident population, a part from seasonal workers, who came from Capoliveri .

The “Ripalte” estate was the one that was most pushed agronomically. It was almost exclusively assigned to wine production (memories of the villagers report more than 3000 wine barrels a year in 1910). The wine was sold to merchands from Genova, who loaded their vessels moored on the coast’s beaches.

It seems that Tobler’s economic fortune declined at the end of the first world war. In the yaers between the first and second world war Tobler sold the “TdR” estate to a notable figure of the Italian industry, Mr Umberto Quintavalle (.for decades vice-president and general manager of “Mageti Marelli”). Mr Quintavalle however reduced the business side and mostly enjoyed “TdR” as a wonderful “buen retiro” for himself, family and friends

It was at that time that September hunting became a great habit at the “Tenuta delle Ripalte ” estate. Several notable representatives from business and professional world used to take part in the hunting. Tenuta delle Riparlte estate was, and still is, rich of hares, pheasants, partridges. This habit was mantained also when the estate passed to Mr. Quintavalle’s doughter Luisa, married to Marquis Niccolo’ Theodoli.

In the meantime Isle of Elba’s economy (and especially the economy of Capoliveri) transformed from agricultural and nearly monocultural (wine production) to mainly touristic.

The courrent management of the estate aim to integrate this “ touristic “ evolution with a return to the original spirit of Oscar Tobler with restoration of vineyards and wine production. Today there is a beautiful resort inside the old villas and houses surrounded by beautiful vignards .

Wine Tasting:

Discover Fattoria delle Ripalte: visits to the vineyards and wine tasting in the winery.

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