Aleatico Alea Ludendo

Aleatico Alea Ludendo
Appellation Aleatico Passito dell’Elba DOCG Composition 100% aleatico Alcohol content 13,5% vol. Production 5.000 bottles Packaging wood case x 6 bt. 0,375 l. Service temperature 11/13 degrees

The tradition of sweet wines of the Italian Minor Isles finds in the Aleatico of Elba one of its best expressions: in the vineyards planted in the volcanic soils, often terraced and on the sea, grow aromatic grapes, enriched by the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

The Elba Isle, that boasted a viticultural patrimony of 5.000 hectares at the end of the XIX century, produces today only 20 hectares of Aleatico and the wine is drunk mostly on the isle.

This wine is composed exclusively of Aleatico grapes, cultivated at Poggio Turco, in the South tip of the Elba Isle: Punta delle Ripalte. The Estate of Ripalte, founded in 1896 by Earl Tobler, became afterwards a game-preserve of the Marchesi Theodoli family and nowadays it regains its previous vocation with a viticultural implantation of about 10 hectares.

The vinification, tipically traditional, is in the wake of the wines of the Mediterranean isles, that gives the wine a sharp character and an important personality. The Aleatico is harvested at the complete maturity, in the first days of September, the grapes are dried on racks for one week under the direct sun. Stalk-removing and steeping for about five days follow. After the drawing off of the wine, a slow fermentation continues, until the natural end, determined by the consistent content of residual sugar. Refinement in steel and bottling in the summer of the following harvest.

Consistent and quite deep colour, with the typical shades of the “passiti” wines. Aggressive nose, rich of primary parfumes, flowers and softly candied fruits.

In the mouth a great complexity with sensations of fruits and jam. The final sensations are of great balance, between the sweet note and the acidity, with a tasty component.

The result is a clean and untired mouth, with a persistent souvenir of fruits and Mediterranean bush. The richness and the concentration of this wine can originate a little sediment at the bottom of the bottle, that doesn’t compromise the organolectic quality.

In addition to the classical coupling with “crostate” and pastry, this Aleatico finds in chocolate cakes an elective affinity. Another perfect companionship can be celebrated with very strong cheese, marbled or not.

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