Rosato delle Ripalte

Rosato delle Ripalte
Appellation IGT Costa Toscana Rosato Composition 100% Aleatico grapes Alcohol content 13,5% vol. Production 18.000 bottles Packaging 6 x 0.75 l Bourgogne bottles Service temperature 11/12 degrees

Rosato delle Ripalte is an authentic expression of Elba's renowned Aleatico grape, grown to perfection on the southern most point of the island.

The Poggio Turco Vineyards gently adorn the terraces overlooking the sea, and have produced a zestful rendition of the varietal so loved by Napoleon. It's aromas of Mediterranean scrubland and wild roses slightly recall the Aleatico Passito, while priding itself with a graceful structure, complexity, and persistent taste.

This rosè is highly evocative with its tea rose hue and sensations of glistening youth which come to fruition once in the mouth. The outstanding floral bouquet and hints of fruit make this wine ideal for appetizers or entrè.

Altitude: 170 mt. above sea level
Total growing area:5 hectares
Soil Type: granito metamorfico
Yield per Hectare: 60 hectoliters
Harvesting Method: hand harvested at the beginning of September
Acidity: 5,5 gr/lt

Production and Aging: The Aleatico grapes are harvested in ideal conditions, after which, they are softly crushed and then lightly pressed. The must is fermented at controlled temperatures which range from 15° to 18° C. The final product is an accolade worthy of the palate, rejuvenating, and triumphant with hints of rosehips, violets, and black cherry which resonate perfectly with its Mediterranean fragrances. Overall the wine is a harmonious expression of balance and delightful taste.

Tasting Notes

Color: tea rose with golden reflections.

Nose: bold, full of primary fragrances, flowers and candied fruit with hints of Mediterranean scrubland. Extremely alluring.

Palate: well balanced and rejuvenating, harmonious and delicate fruity taste. Best served at 11° / 12° C.

Food Pairing: Excellent with seafood dishes, hardy island cuisine, and is a superb companion of raw fish hors d'oeuvres. It is very pleasing with risotto dishes garnished with seasonal greens such as asparagus. This wine is tantalizing with mild cheeses, medium in texture, and not overly aged.

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Wine Tasting:

Discover Fattoria delle Ripalte: visits to the vineyards and wine tasting in the winery.

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