Brut Rosato delle Ripalte

Brut Rosato delle Ripalte
Appellation Vino Spumante Brut Rosato da Uve di Aleatico Composizione 100% Aleatico grapes Alcohol Content 11,5% vol. Production 7.000 bottles Packaging 6 x 0.75 l Champagnotte bottles Serving Temperature 8/10 degrees

The Vineyards of “Poggio Turco “ are planted with Aleatico grapes , from which we produce the Aleatico Passito and the Rosé delle Ripalte.

The new one is “Brut delle Ripalte”: a Sparkling Rosé wine vinified in Charmat way ,that preserves the characteristics and aromas typical of this aromatic variety.

The wild rose and the note of maquis are the characteristic features common to these three wines. The primary aromas of flowers and fruit and the good drink of a product dry and clean, allow to enjoy as an aperitif or at the beginning of the meal.

The primary aromas of flowers and fruit and the good drink of a clean and dry wine allow to drink it as an aperitif or at the beginning of the meal.

The color of this Rosato approaches the Tea Rose and evokes feelings of freshness that are found regularly in the wine accompanied by a silky and elegant bubble.

Vinification and aging: After the harvest, at the end of August, the Aleatico grapes are pressed softly to get the basic Brut, which is then fermented in the Charmat way.
During bottling the liqueur d'expedition is made up with Aleatico Passito. The resulting product is very fresh with scents typical of Aleatico.

Features Tasting

Appearance: pink color.

The nose:rich in primary aromas, flowers and fruit with a memory of Mediterranean.

On the palate: very balanced and fresh, harmonious and delicately fruity. It is recommended to drink at 8/10 ° C.
In addition to classic pairings with seafood and rustic island, the Brut Rosé Ripalte find in crustaceans; in seafood an ideal bond. A very pleasant aperitif or to accompany any meal

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Wine Tasting:

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